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    Solved How can I share an Excel instance and open workbook between processes

    I'm new to Blue Prism and I'm writing a callable, shared Blue Prism process to start an Excel instance, open or create a workbook/worksheet, and allow the calling process to interact with that workbook. This will allow me to validate the directory and file names and perform all the actions and...
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    excel VBO

    Hello guys, I'll explain my scenario and Problem, can you suggest me few options? scenario: I've data in my excel sheet and the corresponding pie chart on the same sheet. Example Data as follows Asset Type Amount Savings $ 25,000 401k $ 55,000 Stocks $ 15,000...
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    Compare two excel worksheets

    I would like to compare 2 excel workbooks. Each workbook has a sheet and one column with user id. One workbook is the master file (say file A) and the other is a smaller file (say file B). I have read each of the workbooks in a collection each . I would like to identify all those users in file...
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    Solved Student grade exercise: Data from excel is of text type while in choice I need to compare it to number type.

    Hi everyone, I am fairly new to Blue prism. I want to grade students based on their percentages, I am pulling the data from excel storing it in a collection and passing the collection's percentage field as input to the choice criterion, wherein I would compare the percentage with the range of...
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    Question about MS Excel VBO - Copy and Paste Worksheet Range

    I'm trying to copy ALL data from a particular worksheet in workbook "A" and simply paste that exact same worksheet's data into a particular worksheet in workbook "B". I've set handle 1 as the "destination" workbook, and handle 2 as the "source" workbook. In the MS Excel VBO "Copy and Paste...