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    Getting the LastUpdated date from the last item worked

    Hi all, I'm in the process of building a volume checker across all my live automations and the one request I need to nail is getting the LastUpdated date + time from the last worked item (indicating when the process ended). I've tried this - Get Completed Items - Get Item ID - Get Item Data...
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    excel to csv format error

    Hi, I'm currently converting an Excel file to CSV. Step 1: Get data into collection Step 2: Convert collection to CSV Step 3: write it into a file. It works, but there is a problem with Data format error. For example: Excel value - 9781621577720 CSV value - 9.78162E+12 I'd like to know if...
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    Update query

    Hi , Did any one tried update query in Oledb-execute action? Please reply here. I am getting error while using it. Iam trying to update a column in excel using oledb. Pls help Thanks
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    Interview Question

    I will you deal with the bulk data. You have an excel sheet with 500000 row in single sheet. You need to ,load it in the collection in blue prism. How will you deal with it ?
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    java Automation Oracle

    Hello guys, I'm trying to automate a functionality which is a java applet form Oracle EBS. I'm unable to spy the text boxes in the picture using HTML or java mode. I'm currently activating the window and using global send keys to enter the data. is there an efficient way to enter data?
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    PDF - OCR

    Hello, *****I'm trying to OCR pdf in region mode and I kept it as size to fit(it should be sized to fit in ADOBE READER for development purpose) as i need to take lots of data for example :the name of the company region. example: The actual pdf contains the name as : Americhem Inc...