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    Outlook VBO Unailable

    Hi, ERROR: Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable. Getting the above error when trying to run Outlook VBO - Get received items basic. This occurs occasionally and stepping through manually...
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    Unable to Login Run Time Resource

    Hi All I am experiencing an issue where the runtime resource is showing as connected and when I run login it is getting terminated. Attaching the error screenshot I am getting from the resource pc (screenshot took via the help of IT Team) . Due to this we are unable to run any process in the...
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    Blue Prism interpreting % as 0 when inputting into SharePoint URL

    I currently am having problems when writing a URL to an address bar. The % in the URL is getting interpreted as a 0 when written to the URL by Blue prism
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    Excel VBO create instance in debug mode Issue

    "Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: The remote procedure call failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BE)" We are getting this error while we are using Excel VBO create instance in debug mode.
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    Collection items into Data Item

    Hi, Is it possible to take the rows of data from a collection and concatenate them all into individual rows in a data item? I've tried looping over the collection in a calculation stage but this simply overwrites the value in the data item each time rather than creating a new line and...
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    passing arguments from Blue prism to python script

    I have developed a python script and need to integrate the script with Blue prism. But I cannot find a way to pass text arguments from BP to the script. How do I do that?
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    Want to upload a file by calling a post web api in blue prism, with some metadata in model

    here is my c# model that I need to pass as a request in WebAPI- public class AddTaskRequest { public Guid AccountId { get; set; } public Guid ProcessId { get; set; } public string Description { get; set; } public Int16 Priority { get; set; } public...
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    Execution python code in BluePrism

    Hello everyone, I have python code and want to run it on bluePrism. For that I used (start process action from Utility environment). For a single class python code, it works fine but if i want to add a call to another class, it doesn't work (look at the attach files). Any idea how to fix this...
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    Non English character to English character in BP using VB .NET

    Looking for a function in Blue Prism to replace non english characters with english characters. Example: Input: Andrés Chávez Output: Andres Chavez
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    SAP Treeview not working

    Hi Team, Am working on the SAP process. While extracting the "tree view" , am not able to spy the element. but in code stage its working fine, but when the expand node number is changed in prod, its not working. can anyone help me on this, how to click on the particular element which we...
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    Blue Prism - Open new URL in same browser tab - Chrome/MS Edge

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are having a great day. Pardon me if I am posting something really silly. I found out that while working with Chrome/MS Edge there is no predefined action provided by blue prism to open a new URL in same browser tab. So I found out below solution. 1. Add a new web/html...
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    How to add bullets in email body for new line?

    I want to send an email using MS Outlook Email VBO. below is the calculation stage and result- But I want to add bullets for items list as shown below- Can anybody suggest how to do that? Thanks in advance.
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    How to merge column values in different collections?

    I have a collection(Coll1) like below- Name Notes Kathie "Doing good in English" Samuel "Bad in English" Mac "Well done in testing" Kathie "Average in Math" Mac "Good at coding" Now, I want this data in other collection (Coll2) like below- Name Notes...
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    Having issue with process identifying page after Launch on Chrome.

    Hi, Some of my RPA processes that interact with Google chrome have recently been having issues around their launch & Login objects. When they launch to the root page on chrome the proceeding objects are unable to interact with it, such as a “Login”. Additionally wait stages just after...
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    Rename Excel File as Date Range

    I am executing a bot anyday between 04-08-2020 to 07-08-2020 and I need to rename an Excel file after execution from the dates between previous week Tuesday to current week Monday. For example: If I run a bot on anyday between 04-08-2020 to 07-08-2020, then the specified Excel file should be...
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    Will bot be able to read the mail from Outlook , if the Work offline mode is on in Outlook?

    Will bot be able to read the mail from Outlook, if the Work offline mode is on in Outlook?
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    file does not exist or is not a file

    I download .xls file in web and i cant open workbook with filepath. I tried change file type with .xlsx but it didnt work. ‪‪ How can i access to C:\Users\myUsername\Downloads\Report.xls Also utility file exist cant find this download path. When i create blank .xlsx workbook i can access this...
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    Navigate stage click action used to work but does not work anymore

    Hi Everyone, I created a process which uses 4-5 BOs. One of the BOs has a navigate stage which simply clicks a button (a web element/button on a website which is open in Chrome). The navigate stage used to click the button just fine. Yesterday, for some odd reason the process started to fail...
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    Code stage for reading web table

    I am trying to read a web table (chrome browser) but unable to spy any element using browser mode. Can we use code stage for getting web table? If yes, how can we achieve this scenario?
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    Help On improving BOT performance and RCA

    Hi Team, This is a high level lay out for one of my project, which runs 24/7. Theses are few details. 1- Object 1 , mostly works on HTML mode. 2-Object 2, 95% works in SAP mode. 5%- in UI mode. Problem:- Bot runs good however, it takes time to identify the 5% of UI mod elements. The time...