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    Corporate Account in Gmail

    Hi all! i´m automate a web application, that send notifications with a gmail corporate account. I try to read incoming mails with Blue Prism but an error to authentication appear, by policy, two-step authentication cannot be removed. What I can do? Thanks!
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    How to extract a link to share a Sharepoint file with BP

    Hello guys! I am working on an excel file with macro that has the utility of opening an image, the image is not fixed but it points to a location in sharepoint. I am currently saving the images in a synchronized folder, so BP handles it as a local location. But the problem is to extract that...
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    Deferred items

    Hi guys! I need to work with items that in the case of not being able to complete them, I have to work them again after 10 days. It is possible that another process that works on it can complete them before 10 days. We use defer for 10 days, but then we can not work them before that date. With...
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    Mouse cursor

    Hi Guys! We are working on a project with Blue Prism v 6.4.2. The website only works in Google Chrome. The navigate stage realizes the clicks but without the cursor, some elements are only visible when used with the cursor. Is there a way for the cursor to move towards the elements? Thank you!
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    Excel with link to a downloaded image

    Hi guys! I need to build an Excel template where the user has a link to an image (previously downloaded from a website) and complete the missing fields. I have no idea how! Could you help me? Thanks!
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    Error spying a button on iexplorer

    Hi guys! I'm new to BP, I still do not finish the training but I have to collaborate on a project. I need to spy a button in HTML, it's a dynamic button that looks perfectly in chrome but not in Iexplorer, it does not look, the place where the button should be is white. How do I do in that case...