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    How To Combine multiple Excel into 1

    Hi , I am trying to combine 10 to 15 excel workbook into 1 .All this excel workbook is saved in one folder. All these excel sheet will have exact same column information A , B, C, D. What is the best way to achieve this using Blue Prism? The number of workbook to be combined will be different...
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    How To Run Thru collection row by row to open that contain different URL into Web browser

    Hi All, I need some Idea. I have set of collection-A with different URL in each row. But all this URL is going to same Web Portal but for a different report page .This collection is then added to work que. I will need to run the URL for every single row in Chrome and navigate to pull down the...
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    How to Determine Year Quarter based on Due date

    Hi Everyone, I need some help . I have an outcome due date column in excel but i need to update in excel the due date falls under which quarter of the year. For example the due date is on 27th April 2021 and this falls under Quarter 2 of the year. I tried using loop and calc stage to achieve...