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    CreateObject - Excel - Error

    Hi All, I came across following issue, I'm not able to create an excel instance using BluePrism. The create instance action hangs for a while and returns error message: Cannot create ActiveX component I checked if the 'CreateObject' function generally works with simple VBS and the Excel was...
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    SQL - can't convert system.guid

    Hi, when I try to use SQL VBO and Get Collection action, i'm receving following error: Unexpected error can't convert system.guid to a blue prism data type I think it's releated to NULL values within database, I read some post on stack, but didn't find any solution for that issue. Have any of...
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    Get XML sent to WebService

    Hi Everyone, does any of you know, how to get xml request, which is sent by BluePrism to connected external WebService? Unfortunately we are receving an error wich is probably coused related to wrong/missing paramters in XML file. I appreciate any bit of advice, Many thank in advance, Best. w
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    Scheduler doesn't start pending items

    Hi, from time to time we are faceing with the problem, when the scheduler adds a new pending item to the session management, but does't run it. The issue is quiet critical, because some of our processes run at night and scheduler blocks VDI pool, and next process cannot be started. Does any of...