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    Write custom delimiter text into MS excel

    Hi All, Below method shows writing text into excel ,this is another way to write excel in more efficient way from text file. Input Value : Collection(input collection), Delimiter(#,|,$....), Target(example C:\Temp\Test.txt) C# Code : Create CSV file with Custom delimiter =========...
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    'Launch' - Value does not fall within the expected range.

    Hi All, Getting error message intermittent during launching application in Blue Prism. Could anyone help fix for this one. ERROR: Internal : Failed To perform Step 1 In Navigate Stage 'Launch' on page 'Launch' - Value does not fall within the expected range.
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    Please advise, how to check whether application session active or expired in Blue prism?

    Hi All, Designing bots for Web based application/Java application, after performing few transactions session of application expired and bot got stuck, please suggest how to check application session active or expired of application by BluePrism Thanks, Vicky
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    Blue prism Data Storage in different data items

    Hi All, I would like to know Blue prism Data Storage for available different data items like text(Data type plan text , JavaScript and xml with different mode), Number,Password and image. Thank, BP Learner
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    Sorting Of String charaters

    Hi Everyone, Trying to sorting of string characters and following approach like add each characters in collections then use another collection to sort characters and then print back value, I am able to add characters(Add rows collection) in collection but sorting not working.