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    Process runs depending on the PC

    I use GoToMyPC for development, and when I run a process and do other stuff on my local, sometimes it gets errors. I am not sure it is because of that I have the control on my PC during running a process or what. Should I not do anything when I run to test a process? Another issue is when I...
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    Excel stopped working when saving from SAP

    Hi When I try to save data as excel file, i get an error: Excel has stopped working. The robot downloads data from SAP and save it as excel file. It loops as the data collection ends. I do not use Excel VBO to save because the save as dialog box is embedded in SAP so the program does not...
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    How to use Excel VBO from SAP

    Hi I need to save data as xlsx file downloaded from SAP. The SAP window has an excel button that shows an excel preview mode with multiple sheets and can be saved as it shows. I want to save it from that preview window because I can save it with the sheets. The problem is I cannot use Excel...
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    How to get a cell reference as a whole?

    Hi I want to create a page called Delete Data in an object to delete data using Excel VBO. I need to create it as a page so that I can reuse it. The Delete Data page first selects a range and deletes the selected rows. It seems simple, but the action Select a range came requires Cell Reference...