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    Hi all, In blue prism for an element in web application match index is changing and the "path" is also changing randomly then how to spy that element using other attributes . we n want to just read the element value. please suggest a solution.
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    queue log error

    hi all, in queue log of work queue, we are getting "?" added to text , even though we dont have any special characters in collection.when adding data to queue , in log of it we are getting this error. Please help us
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    usage of set collection field value action in utility collection manipulation vbo

    usage of set collection field value action in utility collection manipulation vbo
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    sap automation

    Hi all, how to use get path if some elements are not spyable in sap automation. what to do if elements are not spyable in sap. Please guide me.
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    Blueprism Mapiex

    Hi All, Failure in Get Mail function of Blue Prism Extended MAPI Automation. Failed to initialise MAPIEx (A MAPI Error occurred : 0x80004005 : MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED) how to fix this errorwhile using mapiex vbo n blueprism. Please guide me...
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    Blueprsim mapiex vbo

    In blueprism mapiex vbo can we know attachments are of which type that is .pdf or .xlsx or anything? and can we move all inbox mails to separate folder? Please help me
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    how to remove duplicate rows in an outputed collection in blueprism. how to compare 2 rows in an dynamically running collection
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    Region mode

    Hi Everyone, In region mode,for scrolling down the page we have to capture image of scroll button? which shortcut key to be used in global send keys? that is "{SCROLL}" or any thing else.Please guide me.
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    Hi all, How to schedule objects or process in blueprsim? Flow of working with scheduler? After creating new task to be scheduled in control room under schedular and in system we will check active queues. After running our assigned scheduler new task how can we know it is completed?
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    Solved Notepad

    In notepad we have text like what color?:red what chocolate?:dairy milk do you like icecreams?:yes we have to get each question in one dataitem. But i am getting first question but after it how we can get next question in blueprsim.
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    Regarding pdf

    Respected Sir, 1.While trying to spy pdf it was giving an error like "there was an error during spying operation".I had seen one post but i didn't how to resolve it.Could you please help me? 2.How can we retrieve pdf tables data or word tables data into a collection?Is this possible in...