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    Open Outlook email template via Blueprism?

    Hi, Could you pls let me know what does it mean "D:/Microsoft.Outlook.Interop.dll" in external reference. What was the purpose of D-Directory here.
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    How to avoid adding duplicate values in a workqueue in blueprism?

    While doing duplication check by "Is Item in Queue" it would be consider extra spaces and any special characters to validate, does it casesenstive
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    HResult 0X800A03EC

    Input file size varies records are below 1500. Some times it working we're frequently getting this error twice a week.
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    HResult 0X800A03EC

    Hi Guys, I'm facing error while bot performing Operations on Excel operations like copy, paste, vlookup. Error: could not execute code stage HResult:0x800A03Ec" Any one help me on this how to resolve or handle. Thanks in Advance!
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    Utility File Management Issue

    I'm facing issue File exists in folder, but bot throwing file doesn't exists " output as False". While I'm checking manually file exists even I can open the file & do operations also. May I know how to resolve this. Thanks in advance!
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    how to take screen shot in blue prism without using exception stage

    how can i capture or screen shot after launch or open my excel file. Take a screenshot of the email body and paste that attachment on excel sheet
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    Solved Queue Reports - Time Conversion UTC to MST

    How can i use or get Time zone ID’s
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    Training and Vacancies

    Please let me known any Vacancies???
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    MS Outlook VBO works in dev, but doesn't work in PROD (Runtime) machine

    Close instance after loading data into collection
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    How to send key stroke to Browser Application

    While passing key strokes, before check behaviour of web application by manually
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    Spying mutliple rows in a table.

    Compare 2 rows (Path)attribute & Increment where tag elements are change
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    Remove Middle Name

    Hello, Can you help me how can I remove middle name in a collection? EX: John Doe Peter Amelia Mia Ann Calvin Kyle Smith